Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today's Stars!

Today is a short but sweet post- I have been feeling under the weather and walked around letting the sun shine on me- the best medicine I can give myself.   A few things struck me today; the Whales Tongue, White Plumbago and the Cannas.  The Whales Tongue Agave is one of my all time favorites- I like the smaller agaves as well, but the larger ones I always seem to marvel at.  The Whales Tongue has always stood out to me with it's large blue leaf and  has always gotten my attention.
The White Plumbago is a unique plant that has gotten my attention as of late.  I am very familiar with standard blue color but the white was a new one for me.   They seem to be thriving and enjoying the Texas sun.

The Cannas are in bloom and striking.  The red leaves and the orange/red flowers I think is a remarkable combination.  I would never have thought to put these two colors together but they are stunning.  Everyone compliments them when they pass by.  I had to feature these as they are definitely showing off today.  These are the Canna Australis and they perform like a regular canna, they will die down and come back.
I had hoped to show off the front bed but it is not quite ready for it's photo debut.  The Ligularia is just about back full grown and Fox Tail Fern has taken off and is thriving.  The little Schizosentron are starting to take off as well and starting to "do their thing". All the ferns and the Japanese Aurelia are doing great too.  Hopefully it will be ready soon for it's photo debut!


  1. Next on my list is some of that white plumbago, but only if it is really hardy here!

  2. I know- isn't it pretty??? I think I am going to mix it in the front planter with the blue and see how it does- haven't decided if I will like that look or not so been holding off to see if I can find a better spot. Maybe by the Olive Tree? It's that or the Desert Museum bed and I don't think it would look good there. Kind of limited.... but it is so pretty!!!