Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What's New and Blooming Today!

 I say it all the time- you just never know here what the weather is going to do.  A few weeks ago we had a few days of freezing weather and yesterday it was upper 70's and incredible.  I love the cold weather though because that is when I get to plant Cyclamen!
 I love this plant- have forever.  It comes in a variety of colors and I like them all but if I had to pick a color I prefer the most it would be the red.  It looks pretty as a single plant in a little pot, mixed with other plants in a pot for that pop of color or planted in mass.

 It is bright and cheery and loves the cold weather.  Sadly, here in Texas once we heat up it goes away…. But you have plenty of time to enjoy it then you get to plant something else!  I still can't believe Christmas is next week.  Time goes entirely too fast.  I have posted a few photos of things that look good here around the nursery and that are blooming.
iceberg rose
 The Iceberg Rose never disappoints.  Such a crisp white and beautiful big fat full blooms.
hot lips salvia
 The 'Hot Lips' Salvia is loving these sunny days.  Such a funny name for a plant I think.
 It has been amazing weather these past few days.  The nursery looks amazing I think.  Supposedly we are going to get some rain starting tomorrow for a few days - why do I say supposedly… cause just cause they say it on the news, doesn't make it rain……  Hopefully we will get some though.  
I am loving this weather though- did I mention that?
Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and sorry I haven't posted much- where does the time go?????