Saturday, February 3, 2018

I Still Can't Believe it's February

I still can't believe it is February.  Where does the time go?
Kalanchoe bloom and bee
The weather here in Austin, Texas has just been crazy.  No other way to explain it.  Just nuts.  Cold one day, hot the next.  This weather is making my allergies go insane (as well as most everyone else) and people are getting sick left and right. 
Lions Tail
The bees don't seem to be phased though- I have seen quite a few out and about which is refreshing as well as a few butterflies.  Above on the Lion's Tail I sat and watched them for what seemed forever.  It was mesmerizing.  They are such hard workers!!
Squid Agave
 I have taken a few photos lately and thought I'd share of things I have found interesting as of late.  I have always loved looking down on the Agaves- above is a photo of the Squid Agave from above in one container I made paired with a yellow sedum.   
Kalanchoe Bloom
I have had so much fun lately playing with the succulents I must admit.  They are so colorful and easy to combine and mix and match.  And the blooms- I mean look at that!!!!   When I was creating my pots this little guy was just watching me.  It was so sweet.  Hard to tell in this photo but he is so little!!!  
I have been making up new containers cause I for one and ready for spring!!!  I did a little post on our website if you want to read for more information Plant Succulents and Sedum .
Lemon and Kumquat
For fun the other day I got a photo of the Meyer Lemon and the Sweet Kumquat and did a poll on Instagram to see who preferred one over the other and Meyer Lemon won hands down.  Not shocked but it was fun to do the poll nonetheless.
Hope everyone is staying warm, happy and WELL.  This flu that is going around is just plain scary!!!!