Saturday, May 12, 2018


It's that time of year and everywhere you look at the nursery there are blooms!  It is wonderful.  I love this time of the year- it's hot but not too hot and the hummingbirds, bees and butterflies are everywhere.  Hope you enjoy the photos!!
Vivero Growers Nursery Cactus blooms

Vivero Growers Nursery Hummingbird on Salvia greggii

Vivero Growers Nursery Monarch on Lantana

Vivero Growers Nursery bee on Knock Out Rose

Vivero Growers Nursery Palo Verde Desert Museum
Have a wonderful May!  Still having a hard time believing it's May and we are almost halfway through!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Blooms Birds and More!

There is so much going on right now at the nursery I barely have time to grab my camera and take any photos!  I have actually gotten a lot of decent photos on my phone though so thought I'd share.  Below is a combo of both things I captured on my phone and then on the camera as well. 
Hope you enjoy- it's been fun out here lately!!!  Love this time of year!
Cleistocactus Vivero Growers Nursery
I love the cactus blooms- all are so unique and different- these are the blooms on a Cleistocactus- love em!!!  Doesn't hurt that they are pink... big fan of pink over here....
Pams Pink Honeysuckle Vivero Growers Nursery
Speaking of pink.... Pam's Pink Honeysuckle is a favorite of mine.  I also love the Coral Honeysuckle but the pink, well, it's pink...
Plumbago Vivero Growers Nursery
Plumbago- what's not to love???
Hummingbird on Salvia Vivero Growers Nursery
Captured this guy in one of the greenhouses the other day.  I got a gazillion photos of him on different things zipping around me.  He could have cared less that I was there.
 Viceroy on Pyracantha Vivero Growers Nursery
Now, I thought this was a Monarch- it is not!  It closely resembles one but see that black line on the
 bottom wings, this is how you can tell!  It is a Viceroy butterfly!
Blue Glow Agave Vivero Growers Nursery
 The 'Blue Glow' Agave is one of my favorite- easy to see how it got it's name when the sun is shining on it.
Succulents Vivero Growers Nursery
My trough has filled out nicely!   I am pleased with it.  
 Got this guy when practicing with my new camera - got him in action!
Charity Mahonia Vivero Growers Nursery
The 'Charity' Mahonia is a love hate with me.... I love the way it looks. the berries are beautiful, the blooms are amazing and striking but don't get too close..... See those leaves?  Not fun to move or load up into carts.   Other than that, love this guy!!
I hope you have enjoyed the photos - I certainly enjoyed taking them.

Friday, March 2, 2018


I have to keep checking the calendar- March?  It is March?
Where does the time go?  I am happy though as it means spring is almost here!!!  I for one am ready.
It is amazing how things have changed in the past week- things are blooming, butterflies are flying around, bees are buzzing around, "sticks" have come to life.  Spring is such an amazing time with all the new growth and awakening!!!
citrus blooms
 The citrus are loaded with blooms and the fragrance is intoxicating. 
peach blooms
 The peaches are blooming away as are the plums.
Galaxy Magnolia
 The 'Galaxy' Magnolia blooms are beautiful and incredibly fragrant.  This was a new plant for me, it was a special order,  I loved watching and enjoying the blooms it while it was with us.  
Dwarf Bottlebrush
 The Dwarf Bottlebrush are always a favorite- the blooms are so vibrant!!!
Spanish Lavender
 The Lavender.... who doesn't love Lavender???????
Galaxy Magnolia
Finally a bloom of the 'Galaxy' bloom opened- the bees were all over it- it was wonderful!!!
Hope you enjoyed the blooms!!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

I Still Can't Believe it's February

I still can't believe it is February.  Where does the time go?
Kalanchoe bloom and bee
The weather here in Austin, Texas has just been crazy.  No other way to explain it.  Just nuts.  Cold one day, hot the next.  This weather is making my allergies go insane (as well as most everyone else) and people are getting sick left and right. 
Lions Tail
The bees don't seem to be phased though- I have seen quite a few out and about which is refreshing as well as a few butterflies.  Above on the Lion's Tail I sat and watched them for what seemed forever.  It was mesmerizing.  They are such hard workers!!
Squid Agave
 I have taken a few photos lately and thought I'd share of things I have found interesting as of late.  I have always loved looking down on the Agaves- above is a photo of the Squid Agave from above in one container I made paired with a yellow sedum.   
Kalanchoe Bloom
I have had so much fun lately playing with the succulents I must admit.  They are so colorful and easy to combine and mix and match.  And the blooms- I mean look at that!!!!   When I was creating my pots this little guy was just watching me.  It was so sweet.  Hard to tell in this photo but he is so little!!!  
I have been making up new containers cause I for one and ready for spring!!!  I did a little post on our website if you want to read for more information Plant Succulents and Sedum .
Lemon and Kumquat
For fun the other day I got a photo of the Meyer Lemon and the Sweet Kumquat and did a poll on Instagram to see who preferred one over the other and Meyer Lemon won hands down.  Not shocked but it was fun to do the poll nonetheless.
Hope everyone is staying warm, happy and WELL.  This flu that is going around is just plain scary!!!!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Best of 2017

2018.  Where does the time go?
I put together this little photo on Instagram of the "best of" pics from our account- I am not sure if it is accurate but it's a link you go to and they generate it. I thought it was pretty so posting here.  We are getting ready for a few cold days (for us anyway).    
Please remember to protect your pets, plants and pipes. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Butterflies and Blooms

Queen butterfly and Vitex bloom
 Butterflies are everywhere right now at the nursery!  
Here are a few photos I have taken, hope you enjoy!!
butterflies on Milkweed

Monarch on Celosia

Monarch on Milkweed

Bordered Patch butterfly on Lantana
 It has been amazing to see- so many different types of butterflies and they are flying around all over the place.  I have had so much fun taking pictures this week!!
And apologies for missing GBBD!  I was with the butterflies!!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

GBBD October 2017

Happy GBBD October 2017!
I still can't believe it is October.  Crazy.  Time is flying by entirely too fast.  It is finally fall here in Austin, Texas and also finally starting to feel like it.  Lots of things blooming and looking great lately- hope you enjoy!

Greggs mistflower
 Gregg's Mistflower
Pink Bottlebrush
Pink Bottlebrush
 The succulents are showing off with the cooler weather and turning new fun colors!

Monarch butterfly
 The Monarch's are out and about- not a bloom but not to be missed either!!
Hummingbird with Lions Tail
The Lion's Tail are blooming and the hummingbirds are happy about it!
Yellow Yucca
The Yellow Yucca are blooming.  
Hope you all enjoyed the photos!  It's a fun time of year and I am enjoying the cooler weather.  If you haven't visited May Dreams Gardens visit it to see blooms all over the world!!!