Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February GBBD 2017

Happy February GBBD 2017!  I say it all the time but where does the time go?
Aloe marlothii
The weather here has been just plain crazy.  Hot, cold, freezing, meeting all kinds of records for coldest then hottest days of the year on record- just typical Texas weather.... 
The Aloe marlothii is blooming which to me is always a magnificent bloom spike. 
 The echeveria are enjoying the cooler temperatures and showing off all their colors.
Agave Blue Glow
 The Agave 'Blue Glow' is using the sunshine to show off it's beautiful edges.
   The succulents have been blooming away which is always fun to watch.  
kalanchoe bloom

Vivero Growers Nursery
  Things are blooming which is nice cause it gives the bees and butterflies things to visit. 
Kalanchoe bloom
Hope you have a wonderful Garden Blogger Bloom Day- make sure and visit May Dreams Gardens which has links to gardens all over!