Monday, December 19, 2011


What's not to love about Chicago?  
I can think of nothing.  We got engaged there for starters and visit at least once a year.  We both just love it.  I am always torn between which is my favorite city- Chicago or NYC - it is just too hard to decide.  I love them both for such different reasons.  Right now I would say Chicago, only because we just got home after a wonderful visit complete with snow!  I have also decided that my new favorite restaurant there is RL hands down.  The service, atmosphere and the food- nothing to complain about, nothing I would change and would have dined there again before we left if we had the time.  We got a shot in front of the fireplace before we left that I am using on our Christmas cards- yes, I have yet to send them out but the photos have been uploaded and sent in and should be to me soon so I can address them and get them out.   We visited the aquarium on this visit, which I have to say, I was very impressed.  (not with the line to get in... but once in, was an experience not to be missed.)  If you go, make sure and see the jellyfish exhibit- very interesting.
Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.  I am taking off from blogging until after the new year- too much going on and been out of town a lot.
Till next year!