Thursday, July 19, 2018

July Blooms at the Nursery

It's July and things are blooming away the nursery.  The butterflies and bees have been everywhere, it is wonderful!!!  Hope you enjoy!!
Lantana and butterfly
 Butterfly on Lantana
Celosia Vivero Growers Nursery
 Celosia with a bee buzzing by in the back.
Abutilon palmeri
 Bee hard at work in the Abutilon palmeri.
Lantana with butterfly
 Butterfly on the Lantana.
Four Nerve Daisy
 The Four Nerve Daisy are bursting with blooms.
 The Guara are blooming and loving the Texas sun.
And last but not least is the Althea- I love the soft pink color of these.
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!!