Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Apples, Peaches and Buckeyes - OH MY!

The apples are growing- so exciting.  I have never seen them grow before so I am really having fun watching them. 
The peaches I have seen growing up when I would go visit my grandfather- I can't wait for them to ripen!  All the fruit in fact is "doing it's thing".
The Mexican Buckeyes are very pretty- I had never seen them bloom before and have been very impressed with the flower.  The seeds are neat- they are like little rattles.
Spring has definitely sprung.  Everything is blooming away.
The Monarchs which continue to taunt me are flying around everywhere, the bees are all over the lavender and everything else it seems with a bloom and the birds are out chirping away.  I even saw my first hummingbird for this year. 
Happy Spring to everyone!!  

Friday, March 16, 2012

What a Little Flirt!

Talk about a Flirt!  
 I had so much fun with this little guy yesterday.  
I was still attempting to get a shot of the Monarch pair yesterday when I noticed this little guy stretched out on a Yucca leaf.  
He was totally stretched out taking a little sun bath. 
 It was so cute- reminded me of how my kitten sleeps.  
I was taking some shots of him and he started to notice me and I am not kidding, he started doing push-ups.  It was hysterical.  I was laughing so hard.  Then he started to really show off and do his little thing.  

 Almost like he's flexing!  He looks so serious. 

 Stretch stretch strreeeetttccchhhhhh!
 And hold!
 And wait- one more time just to make sure you saw.......
  How was that?  Impressed?
 Well, you should be. 
I had so much fun taking his picture that I forgot about the Monarchs taunting me.  I did at least get one horrible shot of one of them- when I was trying, one came and landed on my shoulder.  I think they are having fun with me. 
Can you even SEE it?  I only got one.  But at least I got SOMETHING.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Look at my Monarch Pictures!

 What's that you say?  A bee?  Not a Monarch?  
Well, I know.  That's how I felt.  I saw a pair of Monarchs flying around and I was so excited that I ran in and got the camera to catch a good shot and could not get a single one.  Not one- not even a blur of them.  I did take a few shots of things as I was TRYING to get them.  I think I should have had my other lens but I was afraid if I ran in to change lenses, I would lose them the shot for sure- oh well, there is always tomorrow. 
 I did get a good shot I thought of the the Jerusalem Sage.  I have always really liked this plant.  It is tough and always seems happy.  Easy one to plant and forget, maybe that's why I am secretly so fond of it.... HA
 I am very excited to see the little balls of the Golden Ball Lead Tree starting to emerge.  This is one of the neatest trees around in my opinion.
 The Anacacho Orchids are starting to bloom.  I am not sure if it is safe to declare or not, but it sure does seem like spring has sprung....
 Good ol' Blackfoot Daisy.  Easy and continuously happy little plants.
And I started with a bee so I will end with a bee.  This one digging his way into a Bush Germander.  I thought he was going to disappear in there!
Maybe tomorrow I will get some Monarch photos.  Sorry I have been so bad about blogging as of late- I have not had five minutes to take a photo.  But today, with the pair of Monarchs I just had to take a break and get a shot.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow, but I am happy I got some other shots.  It was a nice little break!