Friday, March 16, 2012

What a Little Flirt!

Talk about a Flirt!  
 I had so much fun with this little guy yesterday.  
I was still attempting to get a shot of the Monarch pair yesterday when I noticed this little guy stretched out on a Yucca leaf.  
He was totally stretched out taking a little sun bath. 
 It was so cute- reminded me of how my kitten sleeps.  
I was taking some shots of him and he started to notice me and I am not kidding, he started doing push-ups.  It was hysterical.  I was laughing so hard.  Then he started to really show off and do his little thing.  

 Almost like he's flexing!  He looks so serious. 

 Stretch stretch strreeeetttccchhhhhh!
 And hold!
 And wait- one more time just to make sure you saw.......
  How was that?  Impressed?
 Well, you should be. 
I had so much fun taking his picture that I forgot about the Monarchs taunting me.  I did at least get one horrible shot of one of them- when I was trying, one came and landed on my shoulder.  I think they are having fun with me. 
Can you even SEE it?  I only got one.  But at least I got SOMETHING.


  1. LOL! Great shots of the anole! I have one that likes to hunt in the mounted staghorn fern.

  2. Those little guys are really cute. And, you got such good shots. I guess with warmer weather, we'll be seeing more of them.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Anoles are my favorite little garden dwellers. They have so much personality! A couple years ago I happened upon one eating a katydid. I had just started blogging and felt like I'd died and gone to heaven - lol. The monarchs are hard to get a shot of in'll have to entice them with some of those gorgeous blooms of yours!

  4. They must love your garden with all its flowers and plants. I have heard rustlings in the leaves but haven't seen an anole yet. Except for the one in the greenhouses.

  5. Hilarious -- and great photos!

  6. I think he likes you! What a sweetie! You'd think that would hurt!