Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Blooms Around the Nursery

Hurricane Harvey has just left Houston and is on his way leaving yet another path of destruction.  It is so horrible and so sad what he leaves behind but to see all the people of Houston come together as they have along with people from all over has been overwhelming.  I am from Houston and have family and friends there whom have been affected in one way or another.  It is a helpless feeling to be here unable to do anything to help.  Restless energy has led me to post some pretty blooms that have been blooming lately.  Hope you enjoy.
Succulent Bloom
 Succulent blooms always make me happy.
Coral Bean
 The Coral Bean blooms are divine!
 Good ol' Yellow Bells.
 My all time favorite the Vitex.
Pride of Barbados
 The Pride of Barbados are blooming like crazy.
Mexican Olive
 I love how delicate and subtle the Mexican Olive are.
Althea Rose of Sharon
And last but not least the Althea, Rose of Sharon.  
Be safe everyone and sending any and all affected by Harvey prayers and good wishes.