Monday, February 25, 2013

I Smell Grape Kool-Aid

The Mountain Laurels are blooming all over town.
What is it about them that smells like grape Kool-Aid?  It is so bizarre.
They are so pretty- purple everywhere.  I think the prettiest one I have seen is over by Hyde Park Grill on West Gate Blvd. Of COURSE I did not take a photo of it but it is stunning.  There are several as pretty but that one really stands out.  
They are loaded with bees and butterflies at the nursery working those flowers over!
Spring I think might really be here.... though they were hinting to perhaps a quick freeze one day this week.  Who knows.  They also said 60% chance of rain last week and we saw about 3 drops....

Friday, February 15, 2013

GBBD February 2013

Happy GBBD February 2013!!
This isn't probably the best shot of this bloom, but I loved it up against the blue sky.
Here is another shot of it a little closer up- it is the Erythrina, Coral Bean, is such a vibrant rich red.  I think they are show stoppers.
 Here is a shot a little closer up.  I just LOVE them!!!!  
 The Apple trees are all in bud and starting to bloom- spring is close, no question on that.  Just wondering if it is here or we will get a little cold snap before it actually arrives....  
The Aloes are starting to bloom.  I can't wait for this on in particular to open- it makes a HUGE bloom. Photos of course to follow.
The Barrel Cactus arrived yesterday - love these!!!!  I know they aren't blooms but they are too pretty not to post.  I didn't get a lot of bloom photos for the post, but didn't want to NOT post today so here's what I do have photos of. 
Hope everyone has a great GBBD and be sure to check out  May Dreams Gardens , the host of GBBD.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Had To Share

The Billbergia are doing their thing!  SO PRETTY!!!!
I have loved these forever. 
How do they get such vibrant colors I always wonder.
Simply stunning.
I posted them on our Facebook page as well this morning.
I mean with a bloom like that, it's just too pretty not to post!
Happy Saturday!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

One of These Things is Not Like the Other...

I received the above photo from my brother who lives outside Nashville, TN yesterday.  He said he wanted to share a photo with me of what he woke up to....
 and then I replied to him with this photo....  
He said he didn't know what was worse, the obvious display of sunshine or the oranges in the background of the photo...  
We love to tease each other about the weather.  He's not such a fan of the cold you see, so he makes for an easy target when I wake up to 78 degree days with highs in the low 80's in January/February.
THOUGH I will say, I love Tennessee and love to visit, but a Texas girl I am and will stay.  (and visit him in the spring, summer and fall).