Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy GBBD!

Happy June GBBD!  
A few photos of what's going on around here right now.  Hope you enjoy.  
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 The Lantana are blooming like crazy and have been very popular this week with the bees, butterflies and these little hummingbird moth.  The hummingbird moths are so fun to watch- I got this picture at just the right time-  can see the pollen??  
He was completely unfazed by my being there.
This little guy was hanging out on the Yucca when I captured his picture.  
He appeared to be sunbathing. 
 The Mexican Olives are in full bloom right now, as is about everything else out here I might add, and are beautiful.  Honestly, these are one of my favorite trees aside from the Palo Verdes.
 The Greggs's Mistflower are blooming away and quite popular with the butterflies.  I have been watching these guys all day.  They are quite content.
Sal is his usual self- here he is hanging out in the Ajuga. 
Another fan of the Lantana- this guy has been bouncing around the nursery all day- finally I got him to slow down long enough to get a photo.
Hopefully everything is blooming where you are by now.  
The recent rains have been wonderful and the plants are really enjoying it!!!