Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fun with the Hummingbirds!!

vitex chaste tree
The hummingbirds were OUT!  
Here is one working over the Vitex.  I don't think I have ever seen them on the Vitex before, but it was certainly a hit this week.
There were three that were dipping and fluttering and whizzing by me.  I just stood there and watched.   This little guy's perch was on the fence by the Antigonon.  He would whiz by work over a few plants then go sit there and hang out.
hummingbird on a string
This guy's little perch was on a string.  It was so cute.  He was bouncing up and down on the string.  I have so many shots of him balancing himself.  It was cute to watch.
pink turk cap
Then he'd go work over the Turk's Cap and return to the string.
hummingbird red
 Not the best shot but you can see the vibrant red which is so pretty!!!  So does that mean this is the male?  I am clueless on things like that!!
salvia leucantha
 Here's the other one working over the Salvia leucantha- a tried and true hummingbird favorite.
salvia leucantha
 Here is a shot of the second one from the front- not a great picture
but that red just screams at you- love it!!!
salvia leucantha salvia silkes dream
 This bed is like a hummingbird's fantasy- we have so many things in there they love- next to the Salvia  leucantha is the Salvia 'Silke's Dream' which they adore, I couldn't get good angles on them on that one from where I was and didn't want to move around too much.
vitex chaste tree
I did get this shot of one with a little bee as well- wasn't going for that but though it was a neat shot.
All of the shots I had with two or three at the same time were blurry so I don't have any of those to post.  They were having so much fun- not sure who had a better time, me watching them or them playing. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's That You Say? Rain?

dwarf barbados cherry
 It's true.  We have had rain the last few days.  Some areas more than others but we have been having it and almost daily the last few days.  It has been nice.  Not going to lie.  Here are a few shots of what I thought was looking pretty this week.  The Dwarf Barbados Cherry look as beautiful as ever.  
pedlianthus lady slipper
 The Pedlianthus 'Lady Slipper' is one that I never tire of.  The blooms are so simple yet intricate.  This has been a long time favorite of mine.   
Belindas dream rose
 The Belinda's Dream Roses are bursting with blooms- if only this were a scratch and sniff picture!
vitex chaste tree
 The Vitex, Chaste Trees, are blooming away.  
 The Bougainvilleas have been getting a lot of attention from the butterflies. 
The Wedelia are loaded with blooms.  I like the bright yellow against the bright green.
vivero growers nursery
 Here's a shot of a little guy getting a drink.  He just sat there and let me shoot away then flew off.  
My friends came in for a visit this week from Houston- we had a great time walking around and looking at everything.  Here is a shot of us in front of the office.  Love girl days- had a lot of fun laughing and catching up- wish they lived here!!  Chris (the one in the middle) is the one that makes all the cute jewelry we have inside.
Hope everyone is having a great September - I do believe fall might actually be coming....

Monday, September 9, 2013

He's Back!

He's back- or she.  I don't know.  But the Roadrunner is back.  
He's so fun to watch.  I was walking out of the office when I saw him and ran back in for the camera.  I was able to capture a few shots of him.
  I was under this huge Oak out front so the light wasn't great but I like the way the photos turned out anyway.  
 He at one point had sticks in his mouth so I am not sure if he was building a nest/going to one or just carrying around sticks.  Here is a shot (not so great) of him with the stick in his mouth.
  I will keep my eye out and see if perhaps he has a nest.  In years past they hung out in the back and had a nest in this old fountain we had.
    I am just glad to see him!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

We Have a Name.....

vivero growers nursery

Well we have a name.  Cooper.  He is just the cutest thing ever.
He loves going to the nursery but he doesn't last long.  He poops out and hangs out in his kennel in the a/c.  Can't say I blame him this week....  Ha.  He's only putting in a half day right now, before long we will have him up there full time and putting him to work!

white cloud texas sage Leucophyllum frutescens

The Texas Sage 'White Cloud' are blooming like mad.  
I love the more traditional ones with the green and gray foliage and the purple/lavender flowers but these with the white flowers are just stunning to me.  I guess I prefer them since they are different.  Just like the white skullcap, I love the pink and the purple but the white are just prettier.  Come to think of it, I prefer the White Plumbago as well!   White flowers aren't my "favorite" by any means, I am partial to the reds and blues actually but I guess cause they are different.

lynn's legacy texas sage cenizo

The 'Lynn's Legacy' Texas Sage is another one blooming like crazy right now.  It stays a little smaller overall, about 5' x 5'.  I just like the Sages I know due to the fact they are evergreen and bloom.  Good combo in my opinion.  These are light green leaves with the lavender blooms.

mexican olive cordia

The Mexican Olives are absolutely stunning right now.  They are full of blooms and I do have to admit if not my favorite, one of my favorite trees.

madame galen trumpet vine

The 'Madame Galen' Trumpet Vines are also full of blooms.  People either love or hate these- they definitely need the right spot but they are gorgeous vines with beautiful blooms- I prefer this variety, the blooms are larger.  

argentine saguaro

Our Argentine Saguaro is putting on an arm- very exciting.  He stands about 8 feet tall right now.  Can't wait for the arm!!!!
Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!