Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's That You Say? Rain?

dwarf barbados cherry
 It's true.  We have had rain the last few days.  Some areas more than others but we have been having it and almost daily the last few days.  It has been nice.  Not going to lie.  Here are a few shots of what I thought was looking pretty this week.  The Dwarf Barbados Cherry look as beautiful as ever.  
pedlianthus lady slipper
 The Pedlianthus 'Lady Slipper' is one that I never tire of.  The blooms are so simple yet intricate.  This has been a long time favorite of mine.   
Belindas dream rose
 The Belinda's Dream Roses are bursting with blooms- if only this were a scratch and sniff picture!
vitex chaste tree
 The Vitex, Chaste Trees, are blooming away.  
 The Bougainvilleas have been getting a lot of attention from the butterflies. 
The Wedelia are loaded with blooms.  I like the bright yellow against the bright green.
vivero growers nursery
 Here's a shot of a little guy getting a drink.  He just sat there and let me shoot away then flew off.  
My friends came in for a visit this week from Houston- we had a great time walking around and looking at everything.  Here is a shot of us in front of the office.  Love girl days- had a lot of fun laughing and catching up- wish they lived here!!  Chris (the one in the middle) is the one that makes all the cute jewelry we have inside.
Hope everyone is having a great September - I do believe fall might actually be coming....


  1. Your blooms are so beautiful! Love the Dwarf Barbados Cherry. The picture with the Bougainvilleas and butterfly is so pretty! The rain was such a blessing. Love to listen to all the birds singing after a nice rain shower:)
    PS You look great! Glad things are going well for you.

  2. Glad you are getting some rain and enjoying the company of friends. The Pedlianthus 'Lady Slipper' has such an unusual flower. It makes me think of a bird for some reason. Love the Belinda's Dream Rose and the shot of the butterfly on the Bougainvillea.

    1. I know- I love it- very unusual. Thanks!!