Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally it Bloomed- Now To Wait!

I have been waiting for this to bloom forever and here it is!!!!  What a pretty flower!   Now I have to wait for it to go to seed!  But I am halfway there, right?  This plant has intrigued me since we planted it last year.  It is called Sesbania tripetii 'Rattlebox'.  They call it that as first it blooms, then it makes seed pods which hang down, the seeds inside dry up and when the wind blows, it makes sounds like a rattle box.  I might not be explaining it well but I am excited for it to happen.  Apparently it will bloom yet again and have the seeds/ rattles and blooms at the same time- I can't wait.  It is a really pretty plant.  I had no idea what to expect.  It is tall and reminds me of a Caesalpinia in that the leaves are small and it is tall and grows resembling one (at least to me, I am sure there are those that would disagree).  Anyway, I think it is really pretty and am really excited to see it finish and do "it's thing".
Another plant that started "doing it's thing" is the American Beautyberry.  I love these.  Always have.  The bright purple berries are such a pretty color and add a pop to wherever it might be planted.  I have one planted along the fence with a watermelon vine growing underneath it.  (this was not planned... Felipe snuck the seeds down there and I think it looks really cool by the way).  I plan to photo that today and get those photos posted soon.  
The bottlebrush are in bloom as well.  I love these.  A lot of people's froze last year which is why we brought in a different variety that is more cold hardy from NC- the Woodlanders.  The bees are happy it is blooming as are the butterflies.
Everything looks great right now and seems to be doing it's thing.  If only the rattlebox would start shakin'!!!  

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ok, I realize there are other plants out there...

Ok, I realize there are other plants out there other than these Cereus that I have posted a few times but I just saw THIS.  A fruit!  Who knew.  See, still learning so much.  I thought it was a going to be a purple flower and got all excited and went to show Michael who informed me it is a fruit.  Who knew.  Pretty cool though.  

I went out to the nursery for a bit just to visit, I have missed it so much.  Everything looks so happy and is in bloom.  The Pride of Barbados that I planted have just exploded along the fence line.  I can't believe it!  I planted these just at a month ago and when I did they were really not that much to look at - look at them now!   I snapped a few photos of some things but will take more when I am more up to it.  I can say however, that you can totally tell it rained, if only a little.  The plants have really responded.  It is crazy (in a good way) how much they really seem to transform with a little bit of rain.  

I am worried my little succulent pot that I planted is getting too big for it's britches.  I guess I will have to put it in a bigger pot.  I really like this style of pot though.  I got it from the guy next door that sells pots.  I am not so much into this style of pottery but I did like this one as it was plain and straight lines and thought it looked good with the succulents.  

This is a close up of the Desert Rose bloom which I think is so pretty.  This is a new one for me and I really like it.
  I am undecided on the mix here.  I think it just needs a little more time.  The Tecoma have exploded as they tend to do, the Furcrea still looks really good and the Ice Plant is growing like mad. I guess it is just not done doing what it is supposed to do.  The Pink and White Salvia (at the back) was cut back, I think when that fills back out (and it is on it's way) I will like it more.  I am happy with each plant individually, the Hamelia looks good, the Queen Victoria, I just don't know... I guess it just needs a little more time to fill out.  Like I said, when I look at them individually I am happy, it is just as a whole I guess it isn't my favorite, at least right now.   I am going to give it a little more time then I might mix it up.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Some Serious Cereus

Just a short little post to share the latest of the Cereus.  I just thought they were too pretty not to post.  I have been home in bed recovering the last few days so relying on Michael and Shonna to update me with photos as to what is new and changing at the nursery, and this was just too pretty not to share.  I love the way Shonna placed the Carex Sparkler at the base.  Nice compliment.
Hope you enjoy.  
I should be back up and running hopefully by Wednesday and plan do a "Post Bloom Day Post".  I am feeling better today so going to jump around and catch up on all the blogs I missed these last few days.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Monday...

This is about how I feel today.  A little ruffled.  I saw this Shasta Daisy and had to laugh as it about sums up how I have felt and feel today.
We have now lost BOTH Cleo and Alex.  
I was blaming it on the raccoons but I think now I/we figured it out.... we found Cleo next to the tank.  I always noticed how she would swim around the tank at high speeds but never occurred to me she would jump out.  Well, she did.  Shonna found her on Saturday.   I think for now I am going to leave it just Huey and Duey.  They are perfectly content in the tank and love the lily pad and come up now when you go to feed them and are getting quite the little personality.  I think for now until we either get a lid or some type of a contraption for the top we are sticking with the two.
We had about 5 seconds of rain but I will take it.  Not complaining.  We got a bunch more at the house but out here just a splash but enough that the plants did seem to notice. 
The Echeveria seems really happy and bright green.  I moved some to the front steps, you can tell if I really like something if it has made it there.... I have it next to the Donkey Ears which I think are so very cool.  It makes for a nice combo I think.
The Chitalpas are in bloom.  I think these are such a dainty and pretty little flower.  The hummingbirds tend to go there to them but I can't tell if they really like them yet, as they seem to go for only a second then buzz off.
That's it for today- lots of weeding for me today.  The beds are looking happier and full of blooms.  I will take some photos when it gets a little later- too bright right now but they have really filled out and look great.
I haven't taken too many photos lately, well, that I want to share that is.... I have mainly just been practicing the manual mode on my camera and focusing on mastering that.  

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Few Things Caught My Eye

In honor of the Fouth this weekend, I thought I would start out with two red beauties.  The first the red Mandevilla, such a vibrant red.  I love that vine.  The second a 'St. Elmo's Fire' Firecracker Fern that is bursting with color. I have been "working" all week trying to learn the manual mode of my camera.  There have been some ups and some downs but I think I am getting the hang of it.  Thank you http://notsoangryredhead.blogspot.com/ for the tips!!!!
As I was walking around today I found a few things I thought were especially pretty today and thought I'd share.  Hope you enjoy.  (and no, these are not in manual mode... not quite there yet).
 The Leonotis Lions Tail are starting the bloom.  They are a little behind the 'Savannah's Sunset' but just as pretty.  
The Purple Fountain grass are all in bloom and as usual, very pretty. 
 The Mexican Flame Vine has taken off!! I planted it along the fence line and it must really be happy as it is growing like mad!
 Personally, I like the back of the 'Black Magic' Alocasia the best- it intrigues me.  The front is black and also very pretty, but I like the back.  
 I know these are so common but they are in full bloom and really showing off today- just wouldn't be right not to post them. 
And last but not least the canna I planted is budding and blooming away.  They are such an easy plant.  Hard to not like something that is so easy to maintain.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy Fouth this weekend!!!!