Friday, July 1, 2011

A Few Things Caught My Eye

In honor of the Fouth this weekend, I thought I would start out with two red beauties.  The first the red Mandevilla, such a vibrant red.  I love that vine.  The second a 'St. Elmo's Fire' Firecracker Fern that is bursting with color. I have been "working" all week trying to learn the manual mode of my camera.  There have been some ups and some downs but I think I am getting the hang of it.  Thank you for the tips!!!!
As I was walking around today I found a few things I thought were especially pretty today and thought I'd share.  Hope you enjoy.  (and no, these are not in manual mode... not quite there yet).
 The Leonotis Lions Tail are starting the bloom.  They are a little behind the 'Savannah's Sunset' but just as pretty.  
The Purple Fountain grass are all in bloom and as usual, very pretty. 
 The Mexican Flame Vine has taken off!! I planted it along the fence line and it must really be happy as it is growing like mad!
 Personally, I like the back of the 'Black Magic' Alocasia the best- it intrigues me.  The front is black and also very pretty, but I like the back.  
 I know these are so common but they are in full bloom and really showing off today- just wouldn't be right not to post them. 
And last but not least the canna I planted is budding and blooming away.  They are such an easy plant.  Hard to not like something that is so easy to maintain.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy Fouth this weekend!!!!


  1. The Leonotis Lions Tail is stunning! I've never heard of it. And I love canna flower stalks with just seed heads and no petals. They look wonderful in flower arrangements.

  2. The mandevilla looks like a beautiful wind mill (wind spiral) that twists and swirls at the slightest movement of a breeze. The firecracker fern is full of blooms bursting like fireworks display. These are so perfect for July 4th.

    Hope you will add a Followers widget so that we can follow your blog. Happy Independence Day.

  3. NotSoAngry- thanks! I love that Lions Tail- they are so cool- the one I shot that photo of now has THREE in a row- like an ice cream cone- going to photo it tomorrow. Just got back in town after a vacation and left the camera at the house. I am partial to the canna's before the bloom as well. Always have been.
    Autumn- the firecracker ferns are really amazing - they are so vibrant. Followers widget? I will have to go see about how to add that. I notice some people have them and some don't. Always wondered about that....

  4. Hi Kakcy, I love the back of the Alocasia too - I mostly prefer to photograph the back too ;)

    The Followers widget is found among the other widgets. Just like adding your blog roll or About Me, you just add a Followers button. I'd like to follow your blog too.

    I've been trying to refine my photography skills too. I've been reading a book called Exposure - From Snapshots to Great Shots by Jeff Revell. I've found it helpful. It's straightforward and is for beginning photographers and he gives you assignments as the end of each chapter to use the skills. It has really helped me to understand how an exposure is made.

  5. Ok I added the button- that is neat! Guess I didn't notice it before. I apparently already had a few followers on there. Pretty neat! I don't always click on that on the blogs I follow if I have them listed on my roll, I just go there from that link but I will start clicking that too. Thanks!

    Thanks on the book recommendation- I will grab that- like that it is straightforward- what I need.

  6. I am so envious--you have cannas blooming! Mine are just beginning to put out leaf growth.

    I tried to save my Mandevilla vine from last year. It's alive, but only has about six spots of green leaves and it's already July. I am not expecting much from it this year!

  7. Found this and thought you might like it:

  8. I ned to try that Mexican flame vine again. It is really stunning when in bloom. Also the lion's tail. You have lots of neat plants.