Monday, July 18, 2011

Some Serious Cereus

Just a short little post to share the latest of the Cereus.  I just thought they were too pretty not to post.  I have been home in bed recovering the last few days so relying on Michael and Shonna to update me with photos as to what is new and changing at the nursery, and this was just too pretty not to share.  I love the way Shonna placed the Carex Sparkler at the base.  Nice compliment.
Hope you enjoy.  
I should be back up and running hopefully by Wednesday and plan do a "Post Bloom Day Post".  I am feeling better today so going to jump around and catch up on all the blogs I missed these last few days.


  1. I thought you must be showing us a photo about a trip to the DBG in Phoenix. Stunning-indoors in winter I expect. I have heard a lot about the sparkler sedge. I may have to include it in my redo this winter.

  2. No but we went there last year and it was phenomenal. Incredible place. Yes, it has to come indoors for the few days we have of winter in Texas but oh so worth it. We have one at the house too. Love it. I like that sedge too- just seems perky. Nice little variation I think.

  3. Hey Kacky,
    Thanks for stopping by Tropical Texana AND for putting me on your blog roll. What a nice person you are!!! Congrats on opening your retail nursery. I wish wish wish I could get over to Austin and visit. I'd probably spend a week there. So many little time.
    BTW...I will be posting a visit to my favorite nursery here in Houston. I've been buying plants from him for the last 10 years and I've watched his place grow into an icon of beauty and variety. I'll stop by your blog and tell you when I post. Sounds like you two have a lot in common. He does all the row designs and display gardens himself...with NO A/C!
    Glad to find your blog. "I'll be back"
    :-)....but in the nice sense...not like The Terminitor with Arnold Sw.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  4. I love your Cereus! I hope you are feeling better by now. I’ll have more advice on my blog about vacationing in Italy in future weeks.

  5. I love big columnar cactus! Those are some lovely ones.