Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Monday...

This is about how I feel today.  A little ruffled.  I saw this Shasta Daisy and had to laugh as it about sums up how I have felt and feel today.
We have now lost BOTH Cleo and Alex.  
I was blaming it on the raccoons but I think now I/we figured it out.... we found Cleo next to the tank.  I always noticed how she would swim around the tank at high speeds but never occurred to me she would jump out.  Well, she did.  Shonna found her on Saturday.   I think for now I am going to leave it just Huey and Duey.  They are perfectly content in the tank and love the lily pad and come up now when you go to feed them and are getting quite the little personality.  I think for now until we either get a lid or some type of a contraption for the top we are sticking with the two.
We had about 5 seconds of rain but I will take it.  Not complaining.  We got a bunch more at the house but out here just a splash but enough that the plants did seem to notice. 
The Echeveria seems really happy and bright green.  I moved some to the front steps, you can tell if I really like something if it has made it there.... I have it next to the Donkey Ears which I think are so very cool.  It makes for a nice combo I think.
The Chitalpas are in bloom.  I think these are such a dainty and pretty little flower.  The hummingbirds tend to go there to them but I can't tell if they really like them yet, as they seem to go for only a second then buzz off.
That's it for today- lots of weeding for me today.  The beds are looking happier and full of blooms.  I will take some photos when it gets a little later- too bright right now but they have really filled out and look great.
I haven't taken too many photos lately, well, that I want to share that is.... I have mainly just been practicing the manual mode on my camera and focusing on mastering that.  


  1. Pretty plants! I'm so sorry about the fish. Fish care scares me so I haven't tried keeping any since I was little. :(

  2. So sorry to hear about Cleo and Alex. I also lost 2 fish this weekend. Your flowers are so beautiful, love your pics.


  3. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    I am sorry that you lost Cleo and Alex. It is easy to get fond of even the smallest creatures. We have had no rain here for about two weeks. Some is promised today. Hopefully, it shows up! I look forward to seeing your beds full of blooms.

  4. Oh, so sorry to hear about Cleo and Alex...I've lost a couple too and think the the heron got them...I've seen them hanging out on the power lines above the pond ;/

    Way to go on trying to master your manual settings! You won't regret it!