Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Visit to the International Rose Test Garden, Portland, OR

This month we visited the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, Oregon.  It was beautiful.  Course, I love roses, so I am a little biased but it was amazing. I saw so many different colors and so many shapes and sizes.  It was incredible.

 The beds were everywhere- rows and rows of blooms.

 There were pockets of other flowers around as well- the bees were going to town on these- had to get a close up.  I left my camera at the hotel as we were planning on visiting here the following day and all I had was my iPhone - I thought the photos came out ok considering.  
 Look at the color!!!  
(see- iPhone.... not great color but you still see all the bloms!!)
 I was really impressed- we really enjoyed the visit and strolling around in the gardens. 
 This was the entrance- I love the way they incorporated the Lebanon Cedars.  They look like Dr. Seuss trees to me hahah  Love em!!!

 So pretty.  
 Every color imaginable. 

I love the rose hedges.
And last but not least- the garden plaque.  Love this- my mother has this in her garden; my grandmother was an avid gardner and pout this plaque in the garden and it has been there ever since.  The saying has always had a special place in my heart.