Saturday, November 17, 2012


I can't wait- it is almost blooming... almost....
I have this little guy planted in the planter next to the gate, I put him in this past March.  I have watched him grow and been anticipating the bloom for weeks now and the time has finally come; well, almost....
It looks cool just like this, but it will open up into little flowers that the 
butterflies are supposed to adore.  Added bonus!
It is the Kalanchoe 'Behrahensis'.
The weather here in Austin is INCREDIBLE, and has been these past few days.
This is my kind of fall!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

I Never Quite Get Used to These.....

Sorry- I am not a baby, but I just don't quite ever get used to these.....
I mean, it's not like I run off screaming or anything, 
I just don't want to pick him up and play with him if you know what I mean.  
 He's just staring at me!!!
He was hanging out in the back on this tree art thing we are making.  When I was snapping his photo he began rocking back and forth.  
 I was worried I was scaring him, so I didn't take too many shots and left him alone.
So bizarre looking!!!!  No?

Monday, November 5, 2012

I Never Tire....

I never get tired watching the wildlife at the nursery.
This weekend was one in particular that just was captivating.
 The Monarchs have been hanging around all week long but Saturday and Sunday it was intense.
The customers were stopping, standing and staring. 

They could have cared less that I was standing there snapping photos.

 Monarchs were everywhere- I mean everywhere.
 Last weekend the Butterfly bush was a big hit with them, but this weekend it was the Butterfly Weed.
 Coming in for a landing.

It was truly mesmerizing.  
Hope everyone had a great weekend.