Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Don't Think I'll Ever Get Used to It

I have lived in Texas all my life (outside of a few college years) and I can just say
I don't think I will ever get used to the weather here.
The Kalanchoe blooms are all similar but all striking.  There are so many different varieties of them and I love them all!!!

Yesterday, and for the last week for that matter, we have been in the high 70's, basically 80 degrees, and not more than a week ago, we were freezing.  Only in Texas is all I can say.
The above is the Potato Vine I was trying to photograph at my house on Bloom Day that wasn't blooming- they are blooming like mad at the nursery.  (and at the house now as well).

I went out to the nursery this past weekend sadly for only about 30 minutes, but did manage to snap a few shots of things that looked pretty to me so I thought I'd share.  I felt it only right since my bloom day post was so bare......
The photo above is probably my latest favorite.  When it came in I liked the foliage of it but now that it is blooming- WOW!!!   I feel like I always say "this is my favorite" but I can't help it.  We get these new things in and I just go nuts over them.  I mean- look at that bloom!!!  How can you NOT go nuts over that???  It's a Grevillea 'Long John'.

The Pyracantha never disappoints- I love the pop of red.
More photos to come- I was short on time and therefore sadly did not get much "photo time".
Someone was feeling overlooked after the GBBD post so I thought I'd share a picture of my other little nut hanging out by the window with her new favorite pillow.

Spring is almost here- that much I know, and I for one can't wait!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy GBBD 2013!!

Well I couldn't start the new year missing the first 2013 GBBD!!   
Unfortunately, I am at home so posting what I have in bloom here at the house, which is not much...
 The Cyclamen are in full bloom all out front and in the back and are beautiful.  I love the red, at least for here at the house.  It is such a vibrant pop of color and I think stunning when planted in mass.
There is nothing else in bloom here- the other day our Potato Vine was blooming but of course when I went outside to snap a shot of it, could not find a single bloom nor could I find one on the Globe Mallow or the Lavender.  So alas, all I have in bloom is the Cyclamen.  
I couldn't just end the post with one photo so you have the pleasure of seeing Ellie in all her glory.  This is not how she typically looks, she is a very sweet lovable kitten, I just caught her yawning and thought it was funny so thought I'd post it.
Hope everyone has a wonderful GBBD and please visit the host of GBBD at  http://www.maydreamsgardens.com   and see all the others that have posted. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let It Rain!!!

Finally I think for once when the news says we are going to have substantial rain here in Austin, it might actually happen.  It has been trickling since last night with a few showers here and there.
AAAHHHHH the glorious sound of rain.
You my friend have been missed.
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and has a fantastic 2013!!!