Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

It's official, it's spring!!  There are blooms everywhere!  
The Echeveria are loaded with buds and blooms, the Red Buds are packed with hot pink flowers, the 'Knife Blade' Acacia have their little yellow puffs, the Aloes are blooming,  the fruit trees, the Coral Honeysuckle, I could go on and on and on.  I have already posted about the Texas Mountain Laurels which are EVERYWHERE in Austin covered in blooms.  I must admit, this is the prettiest spring in Austin I have seen since I moved here.  
Just about everything is blooming away and the bees could not be happier.  
echeveria bloom
The succulent house is packed with Echeveria,  Kalanchoes, Sedum and Aloes almost all exploding with blooms enjoying the spring weather.
red bud
The Red Buds are buzzing with bees - do you see them?  
When you walk the Red Buds you can hear the bees hard at work- it sounds like the trees are buzzing.
knife blade acacia
 The 'Knife Blade' Acacia look so happy with their yellow blooms- they resemble little happy faces.
aloe bloom
The Aloe bloom is getting bigger every day reaching up for the sky.
peach blooms
Peaches anyone?
coal honeysuckle
The Coral Honeysuckle are like little pink neon lights they are so bright.  
I have had so much fun this past week- what a transformation.  The recent rains have certainly made several plants (and people) very happy.  
I can't remember a more beautiful spring!!