Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Cooler Weather is Coming....Right???????

Lord Baltimore Hibiscus
 I lost count on the days that they say "cooler weather is coming" and it doesn't show... BUT it has been really nice out there.  The mornings are cooler and the afternoons not as hot.  Hey, I'll take it.  The days have been really beautiful.  
I snapped a few photos of this and that- hope you enjoy.  
Above is the 'Lord Baltimore' Hibiscus- such a big bloom- love the pop of red.
Almond Verbena
If only this could be scratch and sniff.... the Almond Verbena are so fragrant- love the scent.  I have one by the door to the office purely for selfish reasons so I can smell it all day long as I go in and out of the office.  
 I love how these look like little heads of lettuce.
 Again with the red, I just love red in a garden.
Sticks of Fire
 The 'Sticks of Fire' have started showing color, see, the mornings ARE cooler.... if it'd just stay like that.....
The butterflies are all over the place.  Above on the Lantana, they don't have a clear favorite right now bouncing around from bloom to bloom, me chasing them with my camera....
Once it DOES cool down,
 I will fill up posts with the succulents and echeveria doing their cooler weather color changes!!!!