Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally it Bloomed- Now To Wait!

I have been waiting for this to bloom forever and here it is!!!!  What a pretty flower!   Now I have to wait for it to go to seed!  But I am halfway there, right?  This plant has intrigued me since we planted it last year.  It is called Sesbania tripetii 'Rattlebox'.  They call it that as first it blooms, then it makes seed pods which hang down, the seeds inside dry up and when the wind blows, it makes sounds like a rattle box.  I might not be explaining it well but I am excited for it to happen.  Apparently it will bloom yet again and have the seeds/ rattles and blooms at the same time- I can't wait.  It is a really pretty plant.  I had no idea what to expect.  It is tall and reminds me of a Caesalpinia in that the leaves are small and it is tall and grows resembling one (at least to me, I am sure there are those that would disagree).  Anyway, I think it is really pretty and am really excited to see it finish and do "it's thing".
Another plant that started "doing it's thing" is the American Beautyberry.  I love these.  Always have.  The bright purple berries are such a pretty color and add a pop to wherever it might be planted.  I have one planted along the fence with a watermelon vine growing underneath it.  (this was not planned... Felipe snuck the seeds down there and I think it looks really cool by the way).  I plan to photo that today and get those photos posted soon.  
The bottlebrush are in bloom as well.  I love these.  A lot of people's froze last year which is why we brought in a different variety that is more cold hardy from NC- the Woodlanders.  The bees are happy it is blooming as are the butterflies.
Everything looks great right now and seems to be doing it's thing.  If only the rattlebox would start shakin'!!!  


  1. Hi,
    I've been trying to comment here for a while. It wouldn't let me, until today...yay!
    Love that 'Rattlebox'. Wonder if deer would like it, too...hmmm
    Right now, just keeping things alive is a job. Can't imagine how hard it is at your nursery.
    Stay cool.

  2. I'm glad to see that things are still blooming in Austin- and what blooms. Love the rattlebox-save us all some seeds, if you dare break open the rattle. The last time I looked at my Beauty berry it had the minutest berries. I don't think they will ever mature this year- no water in that art of the garden.

  3. I had no idea people planted bottle brush around here. I've seen it in the nurseries, so I don't know why I'm surprised. And a more cold hardy one is just as much of a surprise!

  4. Linda- glad you were able to post! Thanks for the comments.

    Lan Rose- commented on your post but of course will save you seeds!

    NotSo- yeah, the bottlebrush is really pretty- I love the red on it and the bloom is so unique. Sadly many lost theirs last year with the crazy winter we had. This one looks the same but it is just cold hardier. (which is a bonus).

  5. Is this a perennial for us? What happens in winter? It's gorgeous!

  6. Linda- Hi- it is deciduous so will drop it's leaves in the winter and then come back. They are really pretty- I agree.

  7. Katherine, thanks for your comment on the blog about this! I've never grown this before, but I'm helping out a CTG viewer who wants to know about the mystery plant that popped up in his yard. I'll pass along your info. And I'm adding it to MY list. Hope to be out to gather plants from you all when it cools down a tad.

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  9. I love American Beautyberry too. Not surprised that the ones in your neck of the woods ripen much sooner than ours. The berries are such a vivid purple, they really are spectacular.