Monday, August 1, 2011

A Few Beauties on This First Monday of August

A few things of note on this first day of August - can you believe it is August!!??!!  The Erythrina x bidwillii Coral Bean look beautiful- I have seen these grow into trees which are magnificent but here in Austin they are more of a perennial.  They are really pretty and have a rich colored red bloom. 
The Donkey Ears are getting really big!! The Silver Pony Foot is cascading along the sides just as I had envisioned.  I am happy with the way this turned out.
Here is a closer shot:
The Mexican Olive trees are blooming away.
 I think this a sweet subtle flower.  It just looks dainty and soft to me.  Very wispy yet elegant.
I decided to end this post with the Skeleton Leaf Goldeneye bloom- a small little flower that is tough as nails.  These are little Texas natives that bloom all summer regardless of how much heat is thrown at it.  They are a happy bright little flower that I think deserved a little attention today!
Have a great Monday!!!!


  1. I really like the donkey ears...lovely! I never thought of them in a container...very nice.

  2. You have single-handedly helped me ID 2 plants (donkey ears & silver pony foot) that I've seen (& wanted to buy..haha) now and then in nurseries but didn't know what they were! Thanks! They're a great combo together, by the way, and the deep blue pot is also a beautiful match!