Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Stuff

Four Nerve Daisy
Just a random day- no real theme.  I was out today taking photos of various things.  I spent a lot of time trying to capture this one butterfly that I knew before I started that it was not going to show up well but went for it anyway.  I was right.  
 Here he is flying away- you can almost "get" how pretty he is.
The problem is you can hardly see him in the photos.  He is bright yellow and so pretty but when his wings are together appears almost white/ cream. (i.e. hard to photo in the sun....).  He was so funny- he would fly around but come full circle every time back to the Pride of Barbados.  I finally realized this and just sat and waited for him to come back after making his sporadic rounds.

I had tons of shots of the bees though none really turned out that great other than these.  There are three types of bees that are constantly in the salvia- the yellow and black big one,(above) the all black one (below) and then the little bee.  They all seem to get along just fine. 
The front planter I think is coming along just fine- I pulled out the variegated society garlic I had at the back, I didn't like how it looked after all.  The hearts and flowers are growing like mad and have overtaken a lot of the space but I still like the way it looks and how it spills down the column so I am leaving it.  
I trim it back here and there but it is just so lush and green I like leaving it in a mass. 

The Dwarf Plumbago is such a pretty blue but so hard to capture.  I am still toying with the manual mode on my camera - not proud of any of those shots yet but this was the best shot I could get of them.  I really like the brilliant blue, I just wish it showed up better.


  1. Lovely random photos indeed! What a nice garden you have.

  2. Nice randomness. We haven't had as many butterflies this year. I hope they come back.
    Thanks for sharing yours.