Monday, August 29, 2011

A New Little Family

Well I can't get really good photos, but here are some photos of the new members of Vivero's little family.  The male (I assume is the brighter/prettier one with more blue it seems and is larger) is harder to get a photo of but the female (I assume is the one I have posted) is running around.  I have put some dishes out of water for her but can't tell if she is finding them.  Apparently they like the area where the little ollie's are and behind the office.  

Here are the photos I have so far and I will try and get more but thought I'd share what I have.  It is hilarious- she walks right down the middle of the aisle at the nursery but of course by the time I get the camera out she's hidden and I don't want to chase her. 
That's all for now- I will keep trying to get new shots of them.  Oh and they make the neatest little sounds- you can hear them talking back and forth.  So cute.


  1. How cool. Haven't seen any Roadrunners around here. Lots of other birds, though.
    They all love having that water out for them. Hope for their sake...and ours...this heat lets up soon.
    Stay cool...

  2. How cute. My aunt in Arkansas had roadrunners and we love to visit and watch them. Love your front planter also, it's beautiful. Have a great week.


  3. Soo cute! Nurseries are such a mecca for birdlife..when I visit one, I'm sure to see as many birds as I would trekking in the forest. Birds must think of nurseries as some sort of Eden, all those flowering and fruiting plants seemingly planted just for them! =D