Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Visit to Parque La Mexicana

 I just returned from a visit to Parque La Mexicana in Mexico City, Mexico. 
Amazing.  Simply amazing.  In the middle of January, this park was one of the prettiest, most maintained, clean, beautiful, incredible parks I have seen in a long time.  I can only imagine what it must be like in the spring, though honestly, it was so pretty it would be hard to beat.  
 The first photo is of a beautiful mass planting of the blue Agapanthus (all time favorite plant of mine) near a fountain and the second photo has the white Agapanthus paired with Magnolia Trees.  Swoon!!!

 Mass grass plantings- can't go wrong with that ever. 
 Parque La Mexicana sits right dab in the middle of Mexico City in an area called Santa Fe.  This area has some of the most architecturally unique buildings I have seen in a long time all in one place.  The buildings are both residential and office buildings and all are impressive.  The park itself used to be the city dump.  Yes, you read that right, the city dump.  Can you even imagine?!?!  And look at it now.  What an incredible transformation.  
 There are bike paths and walking and jogging paths that run throughout the park;  the path is made of recycled tires so it is nice and soft.  
 The pathways are simply breathtaking.
 More examples of the plantings- here with Santolina and blooming Sedum.
 Rosemary and grasses.
 There is an area for children to play with jungle gyms, swings, baby zip line and structures to play on.  There is a Starbucks, several restaurants as well as a PetCo.  Almost everyone walking has a dog (or two) and you can see people working on the gardens and beds all over the park helping to keep it pristine. 
 There is also a skate-park.

 And as if it wasn't already one of the most amazing things you have seen in a long time, there is also a concert amphitheater in the middle of the park.  Stunning.  Can you imagine???

 I think this was one of my favorite spots and view. 

 One of the ponds.
 A classic combo and one of my all time favorites- Agaves and grasses.  Love.
 And if that wasn't beautiful enough, it has Weeping Willows along the side of the Agave and grass patches.  It was like they knew my favorite plants and put them all together.

 This is a little stream that runs a long length of the park- it is so relaxing to sit and hear the trickling stream of water flowing as you sit in the incredibly comfortable benches.  

 I am constantly impressed with Mexico City and their beautification of their public spaces- they do mass plantings, sprinkle in art as well as change up seasonally all over the city.  This was my first time visiting this park and it will not be my last.  It was an amazing day, blue skies, perfect day to walk the path, grab a coffee and admire the beautiful park.

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