Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ga What?

Gazania.  That is what it's called.  Bizarre name (to me anyway) but it has moved ranks to my new favorite. I even like the name.  Gazania.  I just like to say it.  It is so pretty.  The colors are so vibrant and the contrast of the colors of the petals with the leaves of the plant are a perfect combination.  Apparently this is planted all over California but it was the first time for me to see it and I fell instantly in love.  

I wanted to share two others I had been waiting on to see what they were going to reveal and it was worth the wait.  The Salvia 'Black and Blue' is stunning.  I have placed one right by the door so I can see it all day.  No wonder how it got it's name but it is really pretty and unique I thought.  It grows about 3-4' and is nice as it can tolerate a few hours of shade.  It is always so hard to find pretty blooming things that can stand the shade (of which Texas does not have a lot of....).

And last but certainly not least is the Desert Willow 'Bubba'.  I was so excited to see this had opened up today. This variety has a little darker purple flower than the sp. and shows off a little more in my opinion.
I have captured some great butterfly shots that I am about ready to post- I was trying to get a variety of different ones but there seem to be two in particular that like to pose while the others keep flying away (like that little hummingbird I am determined to get in focus).  Hopefully tomorrow I will have captured at least one more variety and can post.  We just got some of the Almond Verbena in and there is one little butterfly that will not leave it's side.  He will for sure make his debut.       


  1. That Salvia 'Black and Blue' is certainly striking! I will also try to get some desert willow and other drought and heat tolerant plants.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Gazanias are new to me this spring, too! I have some mixed in w/the tomato beds, and they seem happy. I deadhead them to promote more blooms.