Monday, April 11, 2011

In Bloom!!

 The Goldenball Lead Trees are in bloom!!!!!!
 The 'Frazzle Dazzle' Dykia's are in bloom!!!! 
And last but not least, the Pineapple Guavas are in bloom!!!

All are things I have been waiting to see!!!  There are several I am still watching- the Bird of Paradise, Mexican Bird of Paradise- which I think is about to burst any day now- and a few others are coming out.  The Pomegranate 'Wonderful' showed some color yesterday but I am going to give it another day I think to finish so it can completely show off and will post that along with the Mexican Olive; which is in bloom as well but I have yet to be able to capture a good photo of.  The Twisted Leaf Yuccas are about ready to open as well, we have two kinds of them, green and a more silver/blue one.  Michael isn't here right now to tell me the official names but when I post them I will have them.  =)  The front garden is almost ready for it's photo op, a few more days I think- the Ligularia are slow to rise but just about there- everything else though is happy and full and looking great.  Will post soon.  Hope you enjoy today's photos!!  

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  1. It sounds like a frenzy of flowers out there. Such pretty blooms. HAve you joined our bloggers group? If not, why not?