Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

I felt it appropriate to post a lily on "Easter Eve".  
I love the Daylilies- I have them along one side of the walkway leading to the office.  This is the Daylily Aztec Gold.
The Palo Verde 'Desert Museum' is one of my all time favorites.  Like the name, palo verde, they are like green sticks and they bloom a yellow flower and I absolutely love them.  I planted one near the gate and it is in full bloom and looks stunning in my opinion.

  The Pedlianthus are in bloom- this one I have been anticipating since we got this in.  It is a really different unique looking plant and the fact it blooms only makes it more intriguing to me.  Michael says it is not technically a bloom but to me it looks like a bloom.
And last but not least is the Mexican Flame Vine.  These just went into bloom as well.  I have a few of these in the garden out front and those particular ones are not in bloom yet, but these are so I posted them.  I think they are a pretty flower- a new vine for me.

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