Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Feeling Pink

I just noticed that everything I was drawn to today was pink.  I am so glad the wind has calmed down I don't hardly know what to do with myself.  I thought we were all going to blow away yesterday.  I enjoyed my morning walking around the nursery picking up things that had been laid down to protect it from falling yesterday- which was just about everything!!!!  After I was done with that I went around trying to capture the hummingbird that is just too quick for me.  There is one that is hanging around having a ball with all the flowers but I can't seem to capture him.  If you look closely on the photo above with the citrus blooms you can see him- sadly this is the best shot I got of him.  While out trying to capture him I was drawn it would seem to pink.  The front garden is coming along but still not photo ready just yet though things are filling out and looking really pretty.  Maybe next week.  So for today, I went with pink.  
The pink Double Knock Out Roses are screaming with color - so bright and happy!!!  
The Pandorea jasminoides (a new favorite) is a lighter pink and harder to capture on the camera but I really like it so I included it.  
The Cecile Bruner roses are climbing away and busting out with this warmer weather. 
 The pink and white salvia 'Theresa' I think is still my favorite though I love the 'Hot Lips' I must admit.  Who can pick????  
And lastly to round up my pink mood for the day is the Coral Bean which looks pink to me but Michael said is red when it opens up.  I am throwing it in with my pinks cause it looks pink to me.  

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