Monday, April 18, 2011

Today's Favorites

First of all I would like to send out a huge thank you to Lancashire Rose, and her incredible post on her blog, Rock Rose, about the nursery.  If you have not visited her site, it is by far my favorite one to read.  I look forward to her posts daily and she is an inspiration.  She takes incredible photographs and always leaves me with more information about plants, gardening and the combination there of. 

I don't really have a theme today, I just went around and photographed the things that stood out to me today.  I don't think I can ever nor will I ever get tired of the Spanish Lavender.  I have it right by the door and do this on purpose so that I can see it pretty much all day long.  It is so fragrant and full of bees and butterflies and is just a happy plant.  We had sold out of them over the weekend but luckily for me, got more in this morning.  My day is complete.  =) 
 I think this is the most bizarre plant.  It is pretty yet fierce.  It has the berries and pretty little red flowers but will "bite" you and it means business.  It is called Mahonia baeli.
 The Copper Canyon Daisy...aaahhhh the fragrance.  Love them.  These arrived this morning and I put them in two place just so I can see them from basically every point in the nursery.  They are just happy flowers.
 The Yarrow Paprika- beautiful bright little blooms.  
I will end today's post with the bloom spike of the Yucca rupicola twisted leaf.   I have (im)patiently been waiting for this to open.  I can't wait to see what it does.  Today was the first day it looked a little different- hopefully it is ready to open soon.

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