Monday, June 30, 2014

Where Does The Time Go?

John Fanick Phlox
 I am sitting here on June 30th in disbelief that tomorrow is JULY!  
Where does the time go? I am posting some photos of things that I have taken the time to stop and photograph as of late. The 'John Fanick' Phlox always has a showy bloom cluster.  
Silver ponyfoot
 This is a pot that I feel has filled out nicely by the front door of the office.  I love the Ponyfoot with the blue pot.  Year after year whatever I put in here I seem to always go for the Ponyfoot as my spiller.
Salvia Amistad
Here is a shot of a little hummingbird having a little snack.  They LOVE this Salvia 'Amistad'; by far one of their favorites.
 The Althea are bursting with blooms- lavender and white - I think I prefer the lavender…..

 Lady Slippers
 The Lady Slippers never disappoint.  They are so neat I think- so intricate.  
 Good ol' Hibiscus.  Who doesn't love a hibiscus?
Night Blooming Cereus
 The Night Blooming Cereus- Peruvian Apple- have never tasted one but going to research if I can….
And last but not least…. had to share.  We saw Blake Shleton- Incredible show. Neal McCoy opened up and The Band Perry were there- all the performers were amazing.  Great show- first time out there to the 360 amphitheater.  Will definitely go back!
 If you can believe it I still have Cyclamen in a big pot on my porch.  I did not get a photo but I do- they are red and they are blooming.  Crazy.  Who knew.  Cyclamen in June.  The weather has been really nice lately, not a single 100 degree day yet.  I for one am enjoying it. And the rain!!  The rain we have been having is wonderful!!!!!!  (At least here, I know some in other cities / states are not feeling the same about rain as of late…).
Hope everyone had a wonderful June and has a fabulous 4th of July!!!!


  1. Hard to believe it's July.... Accordingly our temps have just soared into the 90's so the fuchsias are going to begin their summer sulk. I can't get over how far ahead all your plants are. I especially love the container with the dichondra in it.

    1. We are lucky- still no 100 degrees yet which I am not sad about, though it has been pretty humid lately which I am not so much a fan of…. thanks on the blue container! It has really grown on me.

  2. I have seen several photos of that phlox recently and I am always amazed that it is a flower blooming in June in Austin. Lovely blooms. happy July.

  3. I know. I can't believe it's July already. Yours is gorgeous with all these blooms. I can see why the hummingbirds visit frequently.

    1. I got some GREAT photos of the hummingbirds yesterday and today. Really fun ones- they were so cute today- the butterflies were chasing them hahaha had never seen that- did not get a photo of that but will keep trying. I am going to do a post on the photos soon. I put one on Facebook today but will put em all up in a blog. Happy July!!!

  4. That blue pot is gorgeous!
    And yes, time does seem to fly by.
    Happy July.

    1. It is crazy. Before you know it, it will be August I guess! Loved seeing the photo of the baby deer on your post!!!!! So cute!!!!