Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Here A Bloom, There A Bloom, Everywhere A Bloom!!!!

Trichocereus hybrid
The Trichocereus hybrids are blooming like crazy. It is so exciting to see the array of colors that pop out.  These are such beautiful blooms and such vibrant colors!

Trichocereus hybrid
 The bees are blissfully buzzing all over the blooms.
Trichocereus hybrid
The colors are so pretty- just when you think you have your favorite color….
Trichocereus hybrid
you find another you like just as much. 
Parodia magnifica
Another cactus that has been blooming like mad is the Parodia magnifica.  These blooms are almost a butter yellow.  Subtle yet striking.   Austin has had some rain the last few days which has been WONDERFUL.  
Have a great week!!!!


  1. lovely...well i see you are in austin..my daughter-in-law is from there my son went to UT........thanks for visiting my site