Monday, June 16, 2014

All Grown Up and Flying Away

We have had three little baby birds we have been watching for what seems like months now and finally yesterday was the day- they jumped out of the nest and learned how to fly.  They were so cute!!!  And SO loud!!! haha.  
I got great shots of two of them, the third little guy my camera would not focus in on- he kept getting in really camo'd places where my lens couldn't capture his image.  The other two were moving around plant to plant until finally they left.  It was so fun watching them!!!!!
Here is mamma bird encouraging them along- she was always around watching.  It was really cute.

He was so fun- and so very very vocal. Ha.  Sad they are gone but very fun to watch.
Can you see them?  You can see two little heads and the mamma in this photo- kinda…. it was the clearest of all the shots I got.
Hope everyone is having a great day and has a fabulous week!!!!


  1. Sweet little nest. Lucky you to observe the cycle!

  2. Sweet fluffy little things. I love the goldfinches. They are so light when they land on the V bonariensis it hardly moves.

  3. So fun! love this post. I'm as much of a birder as I am a gardener so this was great to see. TFS

  4. Such adorable chicks! Nice job capturing them on film.