Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rainbow Connection....

 Meet Kermit.  
He's our resident frog in the fish tank.  He just appeared one day and seems to like it and has been hanging out a few weeks now.  I was worried at first about the fish, but they all seem to be getting along just fine.  
You see, I am a little protective about the fish... 
 Anyway, he's really shy. 
Every time anyone walks up, he dives back down or dips back in the water.  You can catch him just sitting peeking out from behind the parrot feather grass, but more often than not, you'll find him sitting on one of the lilly pads soaking up the sun. 
We named him Kermit, well, for obvious reasons of course.  
I mean, who didn't/doesn't love The Muppets?  That song has not stopped going through my head all day.... The Rainbow Connection......


  1. So cute although I really don't like frogs. Thanks a lot for the share.

    Elle @

  2. Cute frog. They do good work, eating those nasty mosquitoes.
    Now I have that song in my head. That's ok, though. It's a good song.

    1. Ha- I know right?? But yes, it's ok cause it's a good song. =0)

  3. He's cute. How interesting. I've not seen any frogs in our stock tank. I didn't think they could get up there. Just shows I'm wrong! Maybe we'll have one someday...I hope so.

    1. I have no idea how he got up there. I wondered that myself. Then I wondered if he wanted out... but he seems happy. Today he was hanging out in the bubbles half on a lilly pad. hahaha He's a funny little guy. And the fish don't seem to mind him at all- they swim right around him- no problem.

  4. Yeah. I love the muppets a lot and I think Kermit in real life is here. The one and only. Thanks for posting. I did enjoy myself reading it.

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