Sunday, October 7, 2012

She's Back!!

 Meet Noel.  AKA "Tippie Toes".  
She belongs to our neighbor, Geo Growers, and she visits us from time to time.  She used to come daily for visits, but with the Texas heat has opted to stay over there and not make the walk over.  
It cooled off today (high of 56) and so she made her little walk over to visit.  She has been missed.  Here she is checking out the production area- making sure everything is doing ok.

She enjoys being scratched - here she is getting some attention from Erin. 
I have nick named her Tippie Toes cause you see, when you scratch her back, well, she goes up on her tippie toes.
She is so affectionate and sweet- she walks right up to everyone and will follows you around.  She is a great little visitor and I am glad it cooled off enough for her to come over and say hi!
 Hopefully now that the heat has passed, she will continue her daily walks and come see us.


  1. It was great meeting you and your hubby on Saturday. You have a beautiful nursery. Tippy Toes probably came by to see all your lovely plants in bloom.

    We planted our weeping bamboo today. I'll have some pictures on my blog soon. The bamboo is going to screen the chicken coop very nicely. Some of the girls gave it their taste-test seal of approval after we planted it. Fortunately, they still like sunflower seeds better, or the poor bamboo wouldn't stand a chance.

    I hope to stop by your nursery again real soon. Please tell your husband thanks again for all his help with our plant questions.

  2. Thanks! It was nice meeting you all as well!

    She is so sweet and such a love bug.

    That weeping bamboo is a favorite- I love the way it looks- it is all over the past few issues of Garden Design. I just read it and drool! Glad the girls did not find it tasty... how fun to have chickens!

  3. Tippy Toes is a pretty cat. We have Willow, who belongs to our neighbor, Elli. But, really he lives over here. They have minds of their own, don't they....

    This cool weather is great. I need to get out and get some work done, before summer returns.