Friday, September 21, 2012

Still Glowing

This vine is going nuts and I couldn't be more excited.
It's the 'Ruby Glow' Passion Vine and I am in love.  I kept waiting to see what it was going to do, waiting to see patiently and then almost as soon as I forgot to go check it, Alfonso came over and asked me if I'd seen "La nueva" (the new one).  And there she was.... beautiful as ever.  I took this photo pretty early on in the morning and as the day progressed she got prettier if that is possible.
I took this picture a little later on- not sure if you can tell the difference but it was more vibrant and larger and opened up a little bit. We have this planted on the fence and I have enjoyed the large green leaves and watched it grow but was waiting and waiting for the blooms and finally!!  They are so pretty.  Well worth the wait! 


  1. So pretty! I have a passionflower addiction. Might have to add this variety to the 3 I already have:) Thanks for sharing that beautiful picture.

  2. I love passionflower, and this one is just gorgeous! I think I need to find a place for it in my garden! Just found your site--look forward to many return visits!