Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy September GBBD!!!!

 Happy GBBD!!!!
The weather we are having here in Austin is incredible!  It is cool, we got rain, what more can a person ask for????
All the flowers are blooming away in celebration.  The Leonotis are rockin' and rollin'.
 The Coneflowers are brilliantly purple.
 The Hibiscus are huge and happy- I love the velvet like centers!!
 The Plumbago are hard to beat- steady little bloomers.
The Maples are turning colors - fall is near!!!!
 The Tropical Sage are blooming away in the front bed.
 The Salvia leucantha are full of blooms.
 The Beach Vitex- one of my favorites.  
 The Thyrallis are such a vibrant yellow- I love how they look next to the Salvia Mystic Spires.
 The Desert Rose has been showing off all week.
 The Fall Asters are blooming- fall is here and or near!
 The Prides are still blooming away in the fence bed.
 The Cherry Barbados are in full bloom- so pretty.
 The Cassias are full of bees and full of blooms.
 The American Beautyberries are full of berries. 
 The Philippine Violets are in full bloom as well. 
 The Hummingbird Bush are a Hook Em' orange.  Love it!
Hope everyone is having a great GBBD!  Thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting!!


  1. Hook Em orange!!! Made me smile! :) You have some beautiful blooms, but I think I liked seeing the maple leaves turning just as much as any bloom. I'm loving this weather, too. Anytime we get rain in Texas, it's a good thing! Happy GBBD!

    1. Thanks! I love the maples too- such a pretty deep red color. Makes it feel like fall is here!!!!

  2. What a beautiful collection you have this month! That Salvia is brilliantly red and I love it!
    Yes, let's enjoy the rain and cooler weather. Send some 'cool' over to Houston, won't you. LOL

    1. Thanks! Mom said it's raining off and on down there but you all aren't getting the cool weather along with it. It is nice now- about 72, high of 86. Love it. Hopefully it will creep on down there.

  3. Love the images....bright and cheery....a smile waiting to be picked!

    1. Thanks! They do make you smile. They are all visibly happy after the rain. Nothing quite like it. You can water all you want, but the rain just makes all the difference!

  4. All of the blooms in your garden are breathtaking, but my favorite has to be Mexican Honeysuckle. What a stunner! Happy GBBD!