Sunday, September 9, 2012

Too Pretty Not To Share!

I got here this morning and saw this- beautiful no?
It is a Dragon Fruit flower.  They are stunning.  
I took this photo with my phone!  Pretty good shot for a camera phone I thought.  They open at night and start to close up as the day progresses.  By the time I got back there with my camera it had started to shut so I am posting this shot. 
The bees are all over it and very happy.  I have not posted in a while -my apologies-  moved into a new house then Michael had back surgery- but everything is starting to calm down a little so I am planning on GBBD and keeping up regularly after that. Hope everyone has had a great summer and loving this cooler weather we are having here in Austin!!!  


  1. Is this the plant that produces the edible fruit? I've never had dragon fruit, but it might be fun to grow. I guess it's probably not cold hardy?

  2. Yes it is edible and really tasty. No, they are not cold hardy- something you'd grow in a pot and move inside. They grow slender green octopus like arms- I say that as they are long- we stake them up but people arrange them several different ways- they are very unusual. My favorite thing about them is the flowers- they are huge!!

  3. It's beautiful. How lucky you were to catch it open!!