Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little of This and a Little of That

 First off let me begin by saying that I am very excited to announce that the oranges are turning.  It is like all of the sudden the oranges and the lemons just burst into color.
The Cape Honeysuckle is bursting with color as well.  These are such a vibrant orange and are like little neon lights beaming with color.
 When I was out and about today, I came across a few little guys I thought I would share with you.  Here is a little caterpillar which was on the Milk Weed, no shock there.  I imagine he will soon make a cocoon and turn into a butterfly, of which kind I do not know.  I barely have my birds down, have not mastered the caterpillars yet....
 The Moy Grande Hibiscus are so huge I just love them.  The flowers are big saucers of color. 
I am anticipating the opening of the Donkey Ear Kalanchoe.  I have this guy planted right by the door in a large pot and he seems to enjoy the spot.   Every day it is opening more and more, I can't wait till he really "does his thing"!
This little guy was watching me it seemed all day.  I took his picture and then he flew off.  I guess he was waiting to be noticed.
 Another big guy that was checking things out was the hawk.  We have a few in the field next to us and they tend to like this pole, it makes a great perch for them.
 Like I said, a little of this and a little of that...  The cold front is gone but now there is a pretty decent chance of rain.  We shall see.  


  1. Love the oranges and lemons! How exciting! And what a pretty bird. How nice of him to sit there and pose for you!

  2. I remember that gorgeous pot by the door. Look forward to seeing how the flower looks. Will you pick the lemons? Mine are just starting to turn too. They aren't as big as they usually are but there are lots of them. Nothing beats a home grown Meyer lemon. We never see them in the stores because they don't travel well. DId you get a frost last week. It got really cold here and I lost a few plants.

  3. Holley- That's what I thought! He was just posing. He is around a lot, there are a few that obviously have made it their home there. The Road Runner still stays in the back and tours the grounds daily. He is a sight. He literally waits for you to get out of the pathway and when you do he walks on down. So funny. I need to get him on video.

    Jenny/Lancashire- I know- I can't wait for it to open up!!! I answered on your blog, but no, won't pick them but wait for them to drop then gobble them up. The others I will leave so they can be consumed at their forever homes. We didn't get a frost luckily, we got down to about 34 though.

  4. I was hoping you didn't have any damage from the cold.
    We were down to 24 Friday morning, here. But, about a mile away, they had your temps. We must be in a particularly cold spot.

  5. Linda- I heard that- we have some customers out in Wimberly and I heard a range of 24-27. You must be in a low area. Hopefully you didn't get too much damage from it. Have you gotten any rain today? We got a little tease but nothing to speak of yet.

  6. I love the anticipation of waiting for a bloom to open. So sorry I missed the field trip out to your place, I really look forward to visiting and meeting you! A few sprinkles here (NW Austin) but nothing measurable. The cloud cover sure is a nice change though!

  7. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    My garden is brown and sad now, so it will be nice to stop into yours and see some color! What a treat it must be to have your own oranges and lemons. I bet they will taste way better than the ones we get here in stores.Having several hawks favouring the pole in the garden would be interesting. They are magnificent and fascinating birds. They would also deter pests like mice. Would they not frighten away other birds though? I look forward to your pictures of the Donkey Ear Kalanchoe. I have never seen anything but the common Kalanchoes they sell in stores in flower.

  8. Cat- Look forward to meeting you as well! Nothing measurable here at the house nor at the nursery. Supposedly more chance this weekend of rain. We will see.
    Jennifer- Glad I could provide you with some color! There is no comparison to the oranges and lemons grown and picked off the tree vs. the ones in the store. They are so much sweeter. The hawks don't really seem to deter any birds as we have plenty and they tend to stay more in the field next door. We have one little field mouse that runs around in the back (not a big fan of him but he is kinda cute- I call him Tempelton) but he has seemed to duck and hide from the hawk- who doesn't seem to pay us much attention. I guess there are too many people for him to put us on his steak-out. I keep waiting for the bloom to open. Everyday it is the first thing I go check on! hahaha

  9. Everything looks so good, love those lemons and oranges. We dipped down in the 20s last night, winter is getting closer isn't it. Have a great weekend.