Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Monday

Happy Monday to all and hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!
It was chilly here this morning but is absolutely beautiful right now.
I walked around and got a few shots of some little show-off's I thought I'd share.
The Kalanchoes continue to be my favorite- the first photo and the one above being two of them.  I like how this one has the little "fangs" on the underside of it's leaves- hence what I would imagine is why it got it's name.

 The 'Midnight' Salvia is bursting with color- such a radiant purple.  I like both, hard to choose between this and the traditional one with the purple and white.
 The Mandarin Oranges are just about ready to eat.  Can't wait!!!
 The Mexican Flame Vine has finally burst with color on our side of the fence- forever it seemed it was solid orange on the other side but now we are getting it's showy self- the one at the entrance is loaded with blooms- can't wait for that either!
 The Cigar Plant is blooming below the flame vine and I love how it picks up on the orange- it makes it showier.
 The Possumhaw are doing their thing.
 The Valencia Oranges are turning and will be ready soon!
 The Chrysanthemum pacificum are beginning to bloom.  I will admit, I was not so impressed with this plant at first, but it is growing on me- I like the silver on the backs of the leaves the most.
 The 'Black Scallop' Ajuga are blooming away and looking pretty as ever.
And last but not least, I just can't pass up a Maple leaf.  These little guys are a deep maroon and just scream fall to me.


  1. Cuphea is one of my favorites. It's an annual though. Did you not get a hard freeze last night?

  2. Greggo- We got down to about 31 there at the nursery- it wasn't covered and this photo was taken yesterday, but it dies down and comes back at least where we are. That particular variety is Cuphea micropetela. I love it- one of my favorites, had it for years at the house.

  3. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    How wonderful to have Mandarin and Valencia oranges growing at the nursery! I bet that they will be nothing like the ones that arrive here on trucks. There seems to be lots of oranges and yellows in this post, which seem cheerful and sunny in comparison with the white blanket that covers my garden at the moment. I really like that Mexican Flame Vine and the Possumhaw berries.