Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bloom Day November 15, 2011

Well today is exciting as it is RAINING in Austin!!!!!!
I was so excited I almost forgot it was bloom day!
We still have quite a lot blooming in the beds though, you can see signs that fall is here and things are starting to winterize.  I went out after the rain so some things are droopy but are really just exhausted from being so happy it rained, so please excuse them!
 To be fair, I am only posting things I have planted in pots or in the beds.  I had to start out with an update on my Kalanchoe- day by day it is getting closer to opening!!!
 The Desert Rose I think is such a pretty little bloom- faint yet striking.
 The front shade "test" bed is rocking right along but the only thing with blooms I have in there is the Tropical Sage, which is doing great in all 4 places I have it there.
The Pink Turk's Cap is still doing well in the front bed next to the Brazilian Pavonia (which was not up to being photographed today as you can see in the background).
The Beach Vitex is doing well in the front side bed under the Palo Verde.  (which by the way was loaded with blooms yesterday but after the rain not a single one that was pretty enough to photograph).
 The Rock Rose is huge and full of blooms in the back bed.
The St. Elmos Firecracker Fern is blooming away as well.
The 'Mystic Spires' Salvia is still as blue as ever- this is such an easy plant to grow.  I have it in two places since it is one of my favorites.
 The Panicum Switch Grass is blooming away in the front outside bed.
 The Butterfly Bush in the front is doing well- I love the screaming purple.
The Black Prince Echeveria in the front planter is blooming and getting ready to open up, but since it had two bloom shoots I felt he deserved a spot!

Hope everyone in the area got some much needed rain.  From the looks of the radar, just about everyone got some.  YEA!!!!
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  1. Love the look of that red firecracker fern. It is such a show stopper. I bought three thinking they were red. They aren't ;/ So bummed.

  2. Oh no!!! How disappointing! We have yellow ones as well in the regular Firecracker Ferns- they are pretty but the red just pops! Sorry you got some that weren't marked. You should have taken them back from where you got them.
    I like the St. Elmo's variety- you see the blooms more. I saw them planted downtown at the 2nd on 2nd restaurant and they have them growing up high on their patio mixed with the Crossvine- sounds weird but they are really pretty together.

  3. I like that firecracker fern, too. I think I read they're deer resistant. I need to check that out.

    The rain was welcome, wasn't it?

  4. What a relief to finally get your rain. Those dripping blooms are gorgeous.

  5. That kalanchoe is amazing. I have a bit of passalong firecracker fern but I don't recall what color it is or who passed it along!

  6. Beautiful post...love the 'Mystic Spires' Salvia...I've been thinking of trying that one! Love the Panicum blooms...one of my faves.

  7. I remember your firecracker fern. What a beauty it was and how we all drooled over its blooms. I'm sure you were all happy for a day without having to water. We all await the Kalanchoe blooming.

  8. With a name like firecracker how can it not be a winner. Bet the hummers liked it.

  9. Linda- Yes, the are rumored to be- though the deer this year have been so hungry they have been eating the oddest things, but I have not heard anyone say they ever bothered those.

    Sarah- Thanks! Yes, it was very welcomed!

    Caroline- Thanks!

    Scott- You should try it out- it is my favorite and everything you have seems to thrive so I would imagine you would do fine with it. I love the Panicum as well- so pretty.

    Lan Rose- Yes, very happy - not as happy as the plants!!

    Greggo- Ha! Right? And yes, they do like it- I still have two here hanging around. One goes between that and the Salvia Black and Blue (I have them side by side). He's not complaining haha.

  10. Your Kalanchoe is looking really nice - not just the soon-to-arrive blooms, but the foliage also.