Monday, January 23, 2012

What a Beautiful Day!!

What a beautiful day!!!  I had a great time just walking around today looking at all the butterflies and bees enjoying the sun.
 Here they are enjoying the Spring Bouquet Viburnum.

The bees were all over the Grape Holly just buzzing around. 
 While I was sitting there snapping photos, the bees and the butterfly on the Grape Holly were not wanting to share....

 Alas, in the end they decided to take separate sides.  It's so nice when everyone can get along!
Hope you are having as beautiful of a day as we are.  Last check, it was 71. 


  1. This weather has been beautiful indeed! What a gorgeous butterfly. Is it really January?

  2. I know- right??? Welcome to Texas- you just never know what the day will bring. Happy to hear the report of rain for today and tomorrow.

  3. I spent yesterday digging weeds out of the veggie garden. It was beautiful out.
    Another kind of beautiful today. We're getting a nice rain.

    Beautiful shots of that butterfly.

  4. The butterflies have been so happy! There was a hummingbird visiting last week too. As beautiful as the sunny weather has been, I'm delighting in this rain. 1/4 inch so far; praying for a lot more!

  5. Linda- Agreed! Another kind of beautiful!

    Cat- Jealous you saw a hummingbird. I haven't seen one in a while. I love watching them. And yes, praying for more rain- isn't it WONDERFUL!!!!!

  6. its 60 here in Kansas today. We're not far behind.

  7. You have no idea how lucky you are! Sunny and 71! The snow is coming down here. There are no butterflies, bees or flowers for that matter. Thanks for sharing yours. Have a great weekend!