Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

The Cereus have bloomed- this is one of about 50 more blooms to come- they are completely loaded with blooms.  I have never seen them so full of blooms.  This week I have been arriving early just so I can see them all.  Today one is open, looks like about 4 will be waiting for me in the morning.  The bees are already at work and happy.
This is such an interesting Kalanchoe to me- it looks like a Venus Fly Trap.  We have several Kalanchoes but this is the most interesting I think.
I am happy to report that the front bed is full of the ice plant and the Calandrinia that I planted in there in February is big and full and happy.  I can't wait for it to bloom again.  I am still happy with this arrangement- everything in this bed is happy and getting along beautifully.
The Large Cigar Plants are beginning to bloom- I have been waiting to see these in person and it was worth the wait. No wonder they call this variety Candy Corn!
The Yellow Trumpet Vine is thriving and full of blooms- I like the orange one as well but the yellow is stunning to me.
And last but not least is a shot of my latest arrangement - I must admit I am happy with the way it turned out.  I like how the colors all seem to bounce off each other.  I have the St. Elmo Firecracker Ferns at the front, the Yucca rigida behind, then the Salvia Black and Blue then the Thyrallis.  Behind the Thyrallis is the Bottle Brush which started coming into bloom yesterday. 


  1. I love your new arrangement. Those yuccas are pretty cool.

  2. Candy corn! I laughed - the names they give these plants! But, I see the resemblance. And now I'm hungry for some of the candy! Love your arrangement. Very dramatic. Great plants.

  3. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    Scrolling down I see congratulations are in order. Congratulations on your first year! Your garden plants always seem so exotic to me. I love the mix of colors and shapes in your arrangement. Your first photograph of the Cereus is especially beautiful BTW.

  4. What great combinations you did. I can't wait for the Calandrinia to flower too. It is my all time favorite color.

  5. It's so much fun to see your desert plants bloom as we don't have them up north.

  6. Linda- Thanks! I love the "blueness" of them.

    HolleyGarden- I know- I thought the same thing- every time I see them I think of that candy.... Thanks on the compliment!

    Jennifer- Yes- a year. Still doesn't really feel like it yet. Thank you on the compliment! Those Cereus are so pretty in person- they are like 7-8' and have these blooms all up and down them and when they open they are stunning. They are night bloomers so I have to get there early to see them- by about 9am they are closed up.

    Lancanshire- thanks! Hopefully your Calandrinia is doing well. I can't believe how big that one grew that I planted in there. I love it though.

    Sarah- thanks and touche as I love seeing everything about where you live as we have nothing even close here! I want to get there and eat the stereo type Maine Lobster and clam chowder and walk the shores.

  7. Your arrangement of the plants is gorgeous...great color combinations. I just love this time of year when everything comes to life! Seems it's the same with the people as well as the plants ;) We are all a bit weary, weren't we? Just too much heat and dry.

    I'm a bit jealous of your cuphea and ice plant; the bunnies got both of mine.

  8. Cat- thanks! I am happy to see the 100 days behind us for sure. Sorry about the bunnies snacking on the cuphea and ice plant =(