Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Few Favorites

 The Mexican Bird of Paradise is loving this weather.
 The Peruvian Cereus are full of blooms- totally loaded.  Makes me want to get here early every morning so I can see all the blooms!
 The Barbados Cherry are so pretty and blooming away.  I had never heard of this plant before and I love it- course I am partial to pink....
 The Brakelights Yuccas are stunning- they are a vibrant red, unlike the red yucca which I think is more pink.
 My all time hands down favorite Texas Sage is this one with the white flowers.  I Think it is so simple yet classic.  
And last but not least is the Podranea Vine; it is quickly becoming a favorite.  They have a beautiful weeping habit.  They are light and almost "flowy" if that were a word.

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