Saturday, October 15, 2011

GBBD October 2011

 Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!!!
The Leonotis is blooming away in the front bed.  I love it when they get two and three little "lion's heads" on them.  (They call it a Lion's Tail, but to me I think it should be a Lion's Head.....)
 The Fairy Dusters seem happy- we just planted a new bed up earlier this week and this is in there and appears to be quite content.
 The Mexican Flame Vine is such a bright and happy vine- on certain days the entire fence is a solid orange- LOVE IT!   This particular shot has some of the Purple Fountain Grass blooms in it- I planted one in that bed- hopefully it will last through the winter but if not I like the way it has looked in there the last few months and looking forward to enjoying it while I can.
 The Mexican Bush Sage is blooming away- a good ol' standby.
 I love the classic look of the Iceberg Rose.  It seems happy and thriving in the side bed.
 The Bower Vine is taking off on the fence and blooming away.
The Butterfly Bush - what is there to say- there is no wonder that the vibrant purple attracts the butterflies.
 The Bougainvillea is stunning and I love the variegated leaves on this variety.  Very unique.
 The Thyrallis and the Mystic Spires Salvia looks so beautiful together.  They both are thriving in the front bed.   
 And without further ado- introducing Bosephus.  He joined us last week and at first Huey was not very polite but has seemed to leave him alone now.  I was about to put Huey in the corner!  I was told to "change up the environment in the tank" so I did and I do believe it helped.  Everyone seems to be getting along.


  1. Beautiful and interesting blooms! I like the intricate blooms on many of them. Happy GBBD!

  2. I knew you would have some beautiful blooms. Ah! the Mexican flame vine. I think if I bought a gallon pot I might do better. Next year.

  3. Sage Butterfly- Happt GBBD to you as well! Love your hummingbird shots you have up there!
    Jenny/Lancashire - Thanks! I try to be fair on GBBD and just do what we have planted. I love that vine- it is crazy with flowers. There is one over at a coffee shop on S. 1st that is absolutely incredible. Mine doesn't look like that just yet but it is trying. I planted one outside in the "test garden" and the deer could care less about it. Who knew.

  4. Thanks for giving me an idea of where to plant my new Thyrallis plant! Love the combo of the yellow & blue. I share Jenny's comment on the Mexican flame vine.

  5. Lots of bright colors on your flowers - quite a show. Happy GBBD!

  6. Hi Kacky,
    Wow! You have lot's blooming in October! Nice collection. Hey, thanks for helping me ID that Barbodos Cherry. I've got a few other mysteries in the school garden that I'll need help with as well. Now I know who to turn to. Happy GBBD.
    David/ Tropical Texana.
    Cool weather in 2 days. Yippeeee!

  7. jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    Belated happy GBBD! Such an interesting and unusual assortment of blooms in your post. I like the fairy dusters especially. They would make perfect feather dusters for magical fairies.

  8. Lovely post...I always think Bougainvillea looks too pretty to possibly be real!

  9. Thank you to all !!

    David- sure- anytime- that one I felt I knew without asking Michael- it might be the regular one but for sure I knew it was the Barbados Cherry. Such a great plant. The cool weather rolled in last night and it is wonderful!

    Jennifer- the fairy dusters have like totally taken off this week- must be the cooler nights I guess but new growth all over them. Really a neat plant. I will post the bed as soon as they all get their "legs in". About a week I guess but I think it turned out pretty.

    Scott- I know what you mean. When I saw the variegated ones I thought they were fake and commented as such and the lady was like- oh they are real so I had to get em. hahaha. Of course I had to go touch and feel the dirt cause they just looked too perfect to be real!

  10. I have a bougainvillea too in my summer garden :-).

  11. Lovely, lovely blooms. My favourites are the fairy dusters and iceberg rose.

  12. kacky...thanks for visiting my cool and crisp post. also the photo contest post. I haven't entered this months photo contest yet. which photo do you like the best for 'fill the frame'? also the flame vine, it seems I saw this in Guatemala about 10 years ago. I have to move my bougeys inside tonight as it's suppose to be 29. thanks for commenting. greggo