Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who knew?

Who knew there were three types of bees? Not me. I do now but was totally clueless to this. George, our neighbor at the nursery, pointed this out to us the other day that we have not one, not two, but THREE types of bees hanging out with our Salvia. We have this incredible Mystic Spires Salvia that is just breathtaking. I posted a photo of a bee on it so you can see. I love to sit and watch them - they are much better photography subjects than the hummingbirds that I have still been unable to catch and the dragonflies, who I can get one at a time while they sit but the tandem ones, not great shots nor when in flight.

Everything is blooming right now and it is just so pretty. I have had so much fun doing this nursery with my husband. He is very patient in teaching me about all the plants , what does well where and how big this or that gets etc.... as well as about the plants themselves. I was just informed a few minutes ago that after I have learned about everything out there, we are getting about 20 new items tomorrow. Just when I get to where I am feeling comfortable BAM more to learn. Keeps me on my toes. That's for sure. I am not complaining, I am excited. I love putting things together and setting up the little gardens around- they aren't all done - which is what brought up the conversation- I was telling him I was trying to decide what to include to finish this one garden I had started the other day when he said, why don't you wait until the truck gets here tomorrow and decide then. Well who knew. More stuff. It's like Christmas when those trucks come in - I stand back there watching them unload and make all my comments and ooh and ahh over things ha ha. The drivers I am sure think I am nuts. I can't wait to see it all- apparently lots of new fun stuff coming in- Spider Lilies (one of my favorites), Variegated Dianella, Firespike- just the name itself - can't wait to see what that is going to look like and then a bunch of other stuff. I will take some pictures and post them after I finish organizing everything- I am all about the rows. ha ha ha. I told my husband that is one thing I honestly enjoy doing- organizing the rows, arranging by color etc... I take great pride in my rows. It's the little things in life.... ha ha.

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