Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dragonflies or Avatar???

Yesterday as I walked around the nursery watching the dragonflies chasing each other it reminded me of the end of the movie Avatar- it was mesmerizing. They were swooping down, soaring high and fast, siting as if to stall mid-air. Attacking one another, hiding for the right moment to go after each other all the time making this buzzing noise and there I was right in the middle of it all. It was straight out of a scene from the movie I tell you. I found myself just staring. I went and grabbed a camera but they are so fast and to really catch it all you really need a video camera, I got a few shots but did not capture the true essence of what was happening around me. The butterflies were back yesterday as well- the Swallowtail was buzzing around the citrus trees and I got some great photos- or so I thought.... I had taken the disc out to check out my photos of the dragonflies and well, forgot to put it in. So frustrating- I had taken so many great shots and gotten a really good close up of a bright yellow grasshopper. The weather has been so pretty here in Austin the last two days that it is hard to find anything to do inside that just can't wait. (like writing this- hence blogging this morning instead). I spent the day out in the yard, planting my garden, figuring out what else to plant and weeding. It is so relaxing to just be outside. I am posting a few of the pictures of the dragonflies wars though I don't think they do it justice.


  1. It's getting to be the time when we start visiting the nurseries again. Where is your nursery is I can drop by?

  2. We are located at 12000 A HWY 290 W. We would love to see you! We are getting some new things in hopefully in time for the weekend. Drop by whenever- we are here 7 days a week. Thanks for reading!!